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Experience is paramount. | Innovation matters most. | Change is great! Perception to design. Teamwork works | Care and quality makes perfect professionals

I , Jiten Mishra invite you to our world of creativity beyond imagination. A dedicated team of creators, developers and designers turn your fantasies to reality by working on the philosophy of coordinated efforts to serve you and bring the best to our services to see the highest level of satisfaction in you. Our moving mantra is raising the bar for service, performance and delivery!

You may not know us right now!Since every beginning has its firsts and we request you to give us an opportunity to serve you. Check out Virgin Thoughts, here and now to begin an everlasting relationship.

Come on board with the best………

Jiten Mishra Founder / Creative Director


01. Communication

Constant communication with our clients is the basis of our great projects

02. Clients

We spend hours at office, and there’s nothing better than good atmosphere at work

03. Relationship

Our clients are not a mean of creating profit, they are much more. Clients usually repeat!

04. Requirements

Our aim is to listen to clients carefully and provide solid solutions and satisfactory answers to their queries

05. Awesome

This is the most commonly used term at work for your project

06. Cost control

Quality is never compromised at the altar of cost, which is cut to benefit you!

07. Plan first

Just working harder is useless if there is not a clear objective to meet

08. Infrastructure

High end computers, superfast internet services and servers add value to smoothness at work to ensure minimum glitches

09. Privacy

We respect the privacy of our clients.

10. Trending

To give the best solutions we are always updated with the latest technology and design trends across the globe

The Team

We’ve built a, full service talented team that is full of pep and beans!

Raju Marture

Raju Marture

Prasad Motilal Pardeshi

Prasad Motilal Pardeshi

Ajit Anil Malusare

Ajit Anil Malusare

Ganesh Surwase

Ganesh Surwase

Gopi Lahu Jadhav

Gopi Lahu Jadhav

Girish Dhongade

Girish Dhongade

Aarti Deepak Tayade

Aarti Deepak Tayade

Akshay Mehta

Akshay Mehta
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Virgin Thoughts has won the prestigious Business and Service Excellence Award from BIG Research