Appsolutely Right!

It would be wrong to say that Happy Days are here again

It would be wrong to say that Happy Days are here again

In fact what one should say these days is, “Appy days are here again!” It’s all about Apps, short for applications, which is what really makes the mare go.

Take Nokia, they have an online Apps store as do Apple, Android and even Blackberry, and what is more companies, especially the publishing industry and television channels are fighting with each other to get onto the Apps bandwagon.

CNN IBN and NDTV to name two of the top English News channels, and of course Times Now and ET Now from the Times of India stable are all there with the apps and then upgrades. These stats will really rock you, from a mere 25,000 android apps in 2011, today there are more than 450,000 androids apps available for everything from gaming to music to e reading and what have you.

Apple, on the other hand has 5000 more! That is a cool 500,000 apps online and in stores and in fact it is fashionable these days to bond market cellphones with apps, the more the merrier. Some of these apps are indeed amazing, take for instance the ToI app which I use on my Blackberry, it give me the news in just a few minutes which I can finish reading on the bowl!

Or the CNN IBN app, on which I can watch live TV, it is appsolutely amazing and on the other hand there are some fabulous add ons like What’s App, which all platforms can use cutting across verticals and being a great messaging platform.

Everyone is feeling “appy” as millions of megabytes of apps are downloaded and an equal number of them, suited to all kinds of usage being created online. You can now view the latest stock market rates with an app, or read a book with another, check out your fave movie online for reviews and trailers and even book multiplex tickets.

You can access your bank account, transfer funds, view balances and order a checkbook ( who needs one these days in any case?! ) all through dedicated banking apps. In fact the app market, some guesstimate is larger than the business of websites and all websites now must have apps built in.

In fact one must get “app” savvy to survive. Builders and construction magnates need to have a close look at the app world for their websites as it has become a must and with smart phones becoming more and more affordable these days, everyone needs apps.

The buzz word in e-space is apps, and guess what everyone is “appsolutely” right!