Bhagwan Ne Google Kyon Banaya!

It is guesstimated that more than 300 million people use Google search every day..

It is guesstimated that more than 300 million people use Google search every day

As more than 2 billion searches are logged on! So that is why I ask, Bhagwan ne Google kyon banaya, when anyone asks me a general knowledge question to which I have no answer!

More than anything else, Google search has become a part and parcel of everyday life, we log on and search for everything from a new model of cellphone to what the world thinks of the new I pad, or even if we forget who starred with whom in a 1970 film, somewhere or else, in the labyrinthine depths of Google search lies an answer to your question…well almost!

Some days ago an sms joke doing the rounds was , “What can’t you find on Google?” The answer, “Mandir ya masjid se churaiye hui chappal!” clever, but trust the Google guys to find an answer to that as well, perhaps using Google maps, zeroing down to the place of worship, zooming in and getting the thief caught on GPRS accessed closed circuit TV!

Jokes apart it is estimated that the company has more than one million servers worldwide linked to each other making for the fascinatingly fast searches that you get. In the early days, one had to either buy reference books at a great cost , I remember my dad having bought over 4000 books for me as I was growing up, and painstakingly referring to each for some information, or going to a public library, or calling up knowledgeable friends, peers or elders who then took their own sweet time in getting back with the information required.

While Google searches may not be all that reliable, and people hint that so many of them are “paid for”, on the whole, Googling is such a fascinating experience. In fact there are occasions when someone calls you for info and you shoot back, “Arre yaar, Google kar na!”.

He/she then sounds so sheepishly dumb, that you wish you had “Googled” that info in the first place rather than asked the friend to do so! As more and more things go on the web and cloud computing becomes the order of the day, followed by having a presence on the web being an absolute must, the importance of search engines and their optimization to push your business or service becomes a must.

Many assume that such activities are illegal, but this is not so, in fact Google is so smart, that if you even try to do something remotely illegal that is not under the code of conduct when it comes to search engine optimization, your website will be blocked! So this work is best left to professionals who do it in tandem with Google.

All in all, it brings us back to the most fundamental answer to someone’s query on a product, service or even a general knowledge question…. Arre yaar Bhagwan ne Google kyon banaya!