Mindset of typical Indian Parents

What are your future plans?

What are your future plans?

If someone would have asked me this question 2 years back then I would have answered, I don’t know, I have kept many options open and would choose best out of it. It was like I knew that I wanted to something, something which would shape up my life but due to the Indian educational system, typical Indian mindset I was not sure that whatever I was going to choose would give justice to my talent and interest and also would it help me financially. Almost 80% of the students are in same dilemma or we can say 80% students are SID.

In the last two years of graduation. I explored many options, I took all the efforts to get the best out of me and finally I landed in one of the finest management colleges, and at present I am working with a reputed German company. I can confidently say that future is all set. I am very fortunate to have parents who support me in all my decisions. Only thing they tell me is that select the field of your interest and give your best.

But everyone is not lucky enough to have parents like mine. The child becomes adult after he turns 18.Many rights are allotted to him after 18.No one considers him as a child. But when it comes to choosing a career, be it a graduation stream or post graduation, they say that you are a kid, you don’t understand anything. I have friends from various backgrounds. These are some of the examples in which it could be seen that how parents decision have ruined child’s LIFE.

There was one boy say Ramesh. He was into competitive swimming. He had started swimming at the age of 4.He excelled in all four strokes. At one point of time he started swimming at competitive level. His stokes were perfect, he used to take all the required efforts. He was provided with the best trainer in the town, both his parents used to be with him 24*7.He started swimming at district level.It was obvious for his parents to expect more and more of him. He was not able to make up to the state level, despite all the efforts, coaching; parent’s support .The reason was very simple that he had some limitations due to his body structure. He did not have the physique required by a top notch athlete. His parents did not understand this simple fact and made every possible attempt to get him selected for state level. After almost 7 years of hardship, he got selected for state level. He went through intensive coaching, he sacrificed all the small joys of the childhood, he got very much mentally affected, in all this span. Here, the question arises is that was all this required? Is the outcome going to help the child in a long run?

Radha got 100 on 100 in accounts. Her parents thought that she would become C.A and would help the family financially. They didn’t consider her interests although they were doing it for her own good. As a result it happened that she could not complete C.A and she left it in half way. It did not affect her mentally because she knew what she is good at. She learned foreign language and now she is working with some multinational company. She regularly travels abroad for work.

Rahul is doing engineering for last 7 years. You must have thought, is he dumb? 7 years for engineering. The answer is, no he is not. He loves to experiment, he has very good communication skills, he loves to travel, to meet new people. He is very good at sports. He loves adventure and loves to explore. He has started his own small company and has got patent for his product. But from people’s point of view he is the one, who is pursuing engineering from many years and has no future.

Amar was exceptionally good at music. He started playing Piano at the age of 3.He had won many awards at district level. We could say that he was an upcoming musician. But his typical parents forced him to take science and this decision wasted some important years of his life. Why to crack head in formulating chemical equations when one is able to produce musical notes without any efforts .He left science in a mid way and started giving his 100% to MUSIC. Today he is a well known musician.

Many parents want their children to choose the same profession as theirs. We are moving towards globalization, but typical Indian mindset has remained the same. Required guidance could be understood but totally imposing own interests is something different and this happens in most of the cases. Students own interest, future opportunities, child’s capabilities should be understood by the parents. All of us have failed at some point and have learned from it. Let the child learn from his own mistakes. Otherwise we will lose the real talent which is going to help us in becoming Super Power one day.